4 months ago

Major Update to Email Notifications in Agiled

We're committed to ensuring that our communication with you is not only efficient but also respects your preferences and complies with the latest email standards set by big players like Google and Yahoo.

With this in mind, we're excited to announce a significant update to the email notifications sent from Agiled.

What’s New?

One-Click Unsubscribe: To give your users more control over the emails they receive from your account, we've introduced a one-click unsubscribe link in all emails, whether sent via Agiled's default SMTP or a custom SMTP. This feature is now part of emails to all users, including admins, teammates, and clients.

For Custom SMTP Users: If you're using a custom SMTP, we recommend configuring your SPF and DMARC records to improve email deliverability and security. This step ensures your Agiled emails are recognized as legitimate and reach your recipients' inboxes.

Why This Update?

Our goal is to enhance the reliability and integrity of our email communication. By adding unsubscribe links, we aim to prevent Agiled emails from landing in spam folders, ensuring they reach you and your team effectively. This change reflects our commitment to maintaining a healthy email sending system and respecting user preferences.

Please Note:

If someone chooses to unsubscribe, they will no longer receive any emails from your Agiled account or brand. This decision is in line with best practices for email communication, giving recipients full control over the messages they receive.

8 months ago

Your Scheduling Experience Just Got Better πŸš€

We have fantastic news to share! Your scheduling experience has received a significant upgrade, making it smoother and more visually pleasing.

What's New:

Event Type Colors: Your calendar now adopts the colors of your event types, adding a personal touch to your scheduling 🎨.

Improved UI: We've resolved scrolling issues and given your scheduling/page a fresh, beautiful look 🌟.

Clarity: Clear messages now appear for days with no available slots, simplifying your scheduling process πŸ“.

Ready to Try It?

Log in now to experience the enhanced scheduling feature. We're excited for you to enjoy the improvements.
New feature
9 months ago

Streamline Your Invoicing with Automated Invoice Reminders! πŸ“…

We're excited to introduce a game-changing feature that will simplify your invoicing process and ensure timely payments. Say hello to Automated Invoice Reminders! πŸŽ‰πŸ“¬

Late payments can disrupt your cash flow and impact your business operations. With our latest update, you can now automate invoice reminders and keep your clients informed about upcoming payment deadlines. No more manual follow-ups or missed payments – it's all taken care of seamlessly.

Here's how it works:
  • Set Your Reminder Schedule: You can choose to send up to three reminders for each invoice. Decide the intervals at which the reminders will be sent – whether it's a few days before the due date or right on the due date.
  • Effortless Automation: Once you've configured your reminder schedule, Agiled will automatically send out the reminders on your behalf. It's a hassle-free way to keep your clients informed without lifting a finger.
We understand that every business has its unique rhythm and preferences. That's why we've designed this feature to be fully customizable. By default, the Automated Invoice Reminders are turned off. You have the flexibility to enable or disable this feature whenever you like, right from the Finance Settings section of your Agiled account.

Ready to take control of your invoicing process and enhance your client communication? Log in to your Agiled account now and explore the Automated Invoice Reminders feature.
New feature
10 months ago

πŸš€ Introducing Late Fee Charge on Invoices: Get Paid on Time, Every Time!

Super excited to announce a brand new feature that will ensure you get paid on time and keep your cash flow steady. Introducing the Late Fee Charge on Invoice feature! πŸŽ‰πŸ’Ό\

Late payments can be a frustrating challenge for businesses, impacting your financial stability and causing unnecessary stress. But with Agiled's latest update, you now have the power to charge late fees on invoices to encourage timely payments from your clients.

Here's how it works:

βœ… Set the Late Fee: You can choose to apply a fixed amount or a percentage of the invoice total as the late fee. It's up to you to decide the appropriate fee that aligns with your business policies and requirements.

βœ… Automate the Process: Agiled takes care of the heavy lifting for you. Once the due date of an invoice has passed, the late fee will be automatically added to the outstanding amount. It's a seamless and efficient way to ensure prompt payments.

We understand that every business is unique, and you may have specific preferences when it comes to charging late fees. That's why we have made this feature customizable to meet your needs. By default, the Late Fee Charge option is kept turned off. You can enable or disable this feature according to your preference in the Finance Settings section of your Agiled account.

Say goodbye to chasing overdue payments and say hello to a more streamlined and efficient invoicing process. With the Late Fee Charge on Invoice feature, you have the leverage to encourage timely payments and maintain a healthy cash flow.
New feature
a year ago

πŸš€ Your Ultimate Work Companion: Agiled AI πŸͺ„

At Agiled, we've been tirelessly innovating to bring you a transformative feature that will redefine the way you write.

We are excited to introduce Agiled's new AI featureπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰, designed to help you create virtually anything you need, from emails to documentation, project details to ad copies, and so much more.

Here are a few ways you can leverage Agiled AI to streamline your work:

  • Proposals:Craft compelling, persuasive proposals that can win over clients.
  • Project Management:Write project descriptions in seconds.Β 
  • Email Communication:Easily create professional and engaging emails.
  • Contracts:Draft contracts swiftly with AI's assistance, reducing reliance on legal teams.
  • Blog Posts: Effortlessly craft engaging and informative content.
  • Help Articles:Simplify the process of writing comprehensive and helpful guides.
  • Ad Copies:Boost your marketing with persuasive and compelling ad copies.
  • Video Scripts:Write captivating video scripts with ease.
  • Shoot Ideas: Brainstorm creative ideas for your next photoshoot effortlessly.

In the near future, Agiled AI will evolve into your personal business assistant. Through a chat interface, you'll be able to manage your business - from requesting analytics to setting up workflows and automations - all by simply instructing Agiled AI. Tasks like creating projects and assigning tasks will be possible right from a chat interface.

And guess what? There is no limit on the number of words you can write πŸ˜‰.

This transformative feature is available as an add-on, currently offered at a limited-time discount! Activate the 'Agiled AI add-on' under 'Billing' to avail this feature.

Remember, for now, this new feature is only for writing. It won't make you a cup of coffee or walk your dog, but it will help you craft compelling content effortlessly. πŸ˜‰