Sep 29, 2022

Updated Taskboards Experience in Agiled 🥳

Taskboard user experience has been improved a lot.

In Agiled 2.0, Taskboards come with an updated UI and some powerful features that will make your work management experience smooth.

Here is the list of the improvements in Taskboards: 

  1. Cleaner UI
  2. You can change the position of lists/columns by drag and drop.
  3. You can organize tasks in a list/column by dragging tasks up and down.
  4. You can sort your entire board based on priority or due date etc.
  5. More information on the tasks that include priority and labels etc. 

These updates have been applied to Project Taskboards as well as Global Taskboard. 

Sep 26, 2022

Consistent Date Format All Around Agiled 🗓

One of the most annoying issues that we were getting complaints about was Date Picker's Format.

Date Pickers throughout the app used a Standard Format, not the one you chose in settings. Well, that has changed.

We have fixed this issue, and now all the date pickers throughout the app adapt to your preferred format.

This was long overdue, but we couldn't change it as it could affect the entire app. Finally, Agiled 2.0 fixes this along with tons of other updates.

Sep 23, 2022

No More Email Already Taken Errors 🥳

Announcing a huge relief that comes with Agiled 2.0, i.e., No more email already taken errors 😌

In Agiled 1.0, one user per email was allowed across the system. That means if a person had their account in Agiled, you could not add that person as a teammate or client. You could also not add the same teammate in your two different accounts/brands.

We were aware this is a significant limitation and must be causing problems for all of you.

We took care of it in Agiled 2.0. You can now add the teammate with the same email in your different brands. You can add a person as a client or teammate even if they have their account in Agiled 🥳

After this update, it has become mandatory for you, your teammates, and clients to log in through your Account URL (e.g., or your custom domain.

New feature
Sep 21, 2022

Quick Creates Everywhere ⚡️

Agiled 2.0 comes with a huge UX relief i.e. Quick Creates 🚀Now if your dropdown does not have an option, you can create it right away without going back to another module.

I will explain how.

For example, while creating a Contact, you can choose from the list Accounts or create a new one right there without having to go back to the Accounts section.

We have added Quick Creates everywhere but I will list few areas here

  1. Creating Account or Sales Agent while creating/editing Contact.
  2. Creating Sales Agent while creating/editing Account.
  3. Creating Contact while creating/editing Invoices, Projects, Estimates and others.
  4. Creating Team and Designation while creating/editing Employees.
  5. Creating Category while creating Projects or Tasks 
  6. And many more. 

This will save you a lot of your precious time and its one of our major UX update.

Sep 19, 2022

Flows got an upgrade 🎉

Introducing 2nd part of automating your work in Agiled 2.0 i-e Flows 🚀

Tired of onboarding clients and projects manually? Don't worry. We've got your back.

You can now use Agiled Flows to automate your client and project onboarding.

We have two types of Flows in Agiled.

  • Onboarding Flows
  • On-Demand Flows

Onboarding Flows can be used to onboard clients. Clients will have to complete all the steps in the flow before they can access the dashboard in the Client Portal.

On-Demand flows can be used to onboard projects or to ask clients for files etc. Clients can complete these flows at any time. 

New feature
Sep 15, 2022

Brand New Workflows in Agiled 2.0 ⚙️

Introducing all-new Workflows in Agiled 2.0 🤖🥳

Workflows have been totally revamped and reimagined in Agiled 2.0.

Workflows are now connected with the projects meaning they run only when applied to a project.

With Workflows, you can automate client onboarding and project onboarding and replicate your business and client process in Agiled.

Once you create a Workflow, you can apply it to as many projects as your plan allows.

Once you apply a Workflow to a project, you can sit back while Agiled automates all the Workflow Actions for you.

You can literally copy your entire business process in Agiled and put it on Auto-Pilot.

Please note that all this has to be done through a project. Since everything is connected to projects in Agiled 2.0, Workflow Actions will pick data (invoices, estimates, contracts, and proposals) from the connected project.

Sep 14, 2022

Automations Revamped in Agiled 2.0 🥳

We have totally revamped ways to automate your business in Agiled 2.0 💡

There are 3 ways to automate your business and client process in Agiled.

  1. Automations (One Step If/then Rules to automate repetitive tasks)
  2. Workflows (Series of Actions and triggers to automate business process)
  3. Flows (Sequence of steps to onboard clients or for project onboarding) 

We will announce each type separately. 

New feature
Sep 12, 2022

Integrated Project Experience 🎉

Introducing Integrated Projects Experience in Agiled 2.0 🚀Everything is now connected to projects. By everything I mean Invoices, estimates, contracts, proposals and tickets, workflows, wikis and discussions.

This integrated experience will let you connect everything to projects for better organisation and management.

New feature
Sep 03, 2022

Multibrand feature is live 🚀

A most awaited feature Multibrand is finally live 🎉

If you own more than one Brand or Company, you can create a separate brand and manage everything under one main account. 

Each Agiled account comes with one Brand. If you want to manage multiple brands under one account, you can add an additional brand to keep your projects, contacts, contracts, finance, and other things separate. 

Please note that each and every brand will have it's own billing.

Sep 01, 2022

Agiled 2.0 is finally live 🎉 🚀

Agiled 2.0 is finally live 🎉. Some of the most awaited and important updates are live now and top of the list is Multi Brand.

This is a HUGE update and it comes with a lot of architectural and major changes at the core.

Agiled 2.0 comes loaded with tons of updates and new features.

  1. Multi Brand (Mother of All Updates 🤯)
  2. No more "email already taken" errors
  3. Improved Automations and Flows. 
  4. All new Workflows integrated with Projects, and over all platform. 
  5. Date Pickers format as per company settings ( This was long overdue) 
  6. Quick Create options ( A huge UX relief) 
  7. Same UX/UI experience on Employee Side
  8. Ground work completed for offering missing features on Employee side ( e.g Contracts, Proposal, Appointments, etc) 
  9. App wide new filters and search experience
  10. Ability to change admin email
  11. Improved File manager with ability to share files etc via links 
  12. More integrated file manager experience with Projects, CRM, and Tasks
  13. Improved Task Board ( Kanban ) Experience 
  14. Integrated Projects Experience with Contracts,Estimates, Proposals
  15. UX improvements throughout the app
  16. Agiled More Robust than ever now

Each of these updates will be announced and described separately