Agiled Change Log
New feature
5 months ago

πŸš€ Your Ultimate Work Companion: Agiled AI πŸͺ„

At Agiled, we've been tirelessly innovating to bring you a transformative feature that will redefine the way you write.

We are excited to introduce Agiled's new AI featureπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰, designed to help you create virtually anything you need, from emails to documentation, project details to ad copies, and so much more.

Here are a few ways you can leverage Agiled AI to streamline your work:

  • Proposals:Craft compelling, persuasive proposals that can win over clients.
  • Project Management:Write project descriptions in seconds.Β 
  • Email Communication:Easily create professional and engaging emails.
  • Contracts:Draft contracts swiftly with AI's assistance, reducing reliance on legal teams.
  • Blog Posts: Effortlessly craft engaging and informative content.
  • Help Articles:Simplify the process of writing comprehensive and helpful guides.
  • Ad Copies:Boost your marketing with persuasive and compelling ad copies.
  • Video Scripts:Write captivating video scripts with ease.
  • Shoot Ideas: Brainstorm creative ideas for your next photoshoot effortlessly.

In the near future, Agiled AI will evolve into your personal business assistant. Through a chat interface, you'll be able to manage your business - from requesting analytics to setting up workflows and automations - all by simply instructing Agiled AI. Tasks like creating projects and assigning tasks will be possible right from a chat interface.

And guess what? There is no limit on the number of words you can write πŸ˜‰.

This transformative feature is available as an add-on, currently offered at a limited-time discount! Activate the 'Agiled AI add-on' under 'Billing' to avail this feature.

Remember, for now, this new feature is only for writing. It won't make you a cup of coffee or walk your dog, but it will help you craft compelling content effortlessly. πŸ˜‰

New feature
5 months ago

Say Hello to Agiled's AI-Powered Wikis 2.0! πŸš€

We're beyond excited to introduce 'Wikis 2.0'! πŸŽ‰. A feature that's set to take your Wikis and Custom Pages to a whole new level

We've completely revamped our Wikis and Custom Pages feature, equipping it with a brand-new builder. Now, you can use multiple widgets and create any type of Wiki or Page easily with drag and drop.

But that's not all! Wikis 2.0 is also powered by AgiledAI. This means you can ask our AI to write not just your Wiki and pages content, but almost anything for you. Blog articles, ad copies, sales copies - the possibilities are endless! You probably won't need a separate AI writing tool now, because AgiledAI can do it all for you. πŸ€–

Imagine the time, effort, and creativity this frees up for you!

New feature
5 months ago

πŸš€ Give Your Clients a Personalized Dashboard with Agiled!

At Agiled, we've been brewing up a feature that puts you in the driver's seat of your client experience. Today, we're absolutely thrilled to introduce 'Client Dashboard Customisation'! πŸŽ‰

With this feature, you can fully customise what your clients see on their dashboard. Choose from 7 available widgets, configure the size and position of these widgets, and even craft a custom message for your clients!

As we've promised, we're giving you more and more options to personalise the client portal. You can turn any module on or off for your clients in Settings > Portal Settings. Add custom pages in the menu for clients by navigating to Essentials > Wikis > Pages.

To access this new feature, go to Settings > Portal Settings > Custom Client Dashboard. You can choose to enable or disable the custom dashboard for clients. If you turn it off, clients will see the dashboard that was available prior to this feature.

By default, we've kept the custom client dashboard off for everyone. You can log in and go to Settings > Portal Settings to turn it on after customising the dashboard to your liking.

New feature
5 months ago

🎯 Game-Changing Update: Agiled Now Lets You Assign Tasks to Clients!

We've been in the Agiled think tank, creating a feature that's been in high demand and is now ready to roll out. Brace yourself for the much-awaited 'Assign Tasks to Clients' feature! πŸŽ‰

Now, you can directly assign tasks to your clients. While creating/editing tasks, you will find clients as well in the assignee dropdown.Β 

Your clients can view these tasks in their portal under Work > Tasks. Not only can they see the tasks, but they can also complete them and mark them as complete.Β 

Imagine the boost in productivity and efficiency this will bring to your workflow!Β 

This long-anticipated feature is set to make your Agiled experience smoother and more collaborative.

New feature
6 months ago

πŸ’¬ Elevate Your Chat Experience: Discover Agiled's Chat 2.0!

Today, we're thrilled to roll out the Chat 2.0! πŸŽ‰

Envision real-time conversations, not just with your team, but also with your clients. Yes, you read that right! Whether it's a one-on-one chat or a group discussion, whether it's with a teammate or a client, instant communication is now at your fingertips. Attach files, express yourself with emojis, and streamline your conversations like never before! πŸ˜ƒ

We've upgraded chat to be quicker, more efficient, and incredibly user-friendly. It's like having a direct line to everyone you collaborate with, all in one convenient place!

New feature
6 months ago

Welcome to Agiled's Template Library! πŸŽ‰

Introducing the brand-new Template Library! πŸŽ‰

Imagine having all your templates - Projects, Tasks, Contracts, Proposals, Forms Templates, and soon to be added Workflows and Automations Templates - organized neatly in one place. It's like having a secret weapon in your productivity arsenal!

But wait, there's more! We're also unveiling the gallery section - a marketplace chock full of templates for Contracts, Proposals, and Forms. And yes, Projects, Tasks, and Workflows and Automations templates are on the way!Β 

With a simple click, you can import these templates to your account, making your workflow smoother than ever. It's like having a magic button that automates all the grunt work.

This long-awaited feature can be found in your left menu, ready and waiting to make your life easier.
New feature
6 months ago

πŸ“Œ Pin, Share, Manage: File Management Reinvented in Agiled!

Like busy bees, we've been buzzing around, working on a new feature that will make your Agiled experience even sweeter. Today, we're thrilled to introduce the File Manager 2.0! πŸš€

No more tree view, say hello to an easy-to-navigate folder structure. Whether you want to create personal or shared folders, manage folder permissions, or pin folders and files, we've got you covered. With the File Manager 2.0, managing your files will be as smooth as a hot knife through butter! πŸ”₯

Our team has been working round the clock to upgrade the UI and UX of the file manager, and we're confident that you're going to love the changes.

Please note that you can still access the Old File Manager by clicking on the Classic File Manager button. However, we recommend not updating, adding, or deleting any files or folders there.

So, why wait? Log in now and explore the new File Manager 2.0.

6 months ago

A surprise is waiting in Agiled's CRM πŸš€

We've been cooking a secret dish in Agiled's kitchen to enhance your Agiled experience for a while. And today, we're over the moon to unveil the surprise we've been cooking up: a total revamp of our CRM User Interface (UI)! πŸš€

Contact, Account, Deal – every preview screen has been given a major facelift. It's like walking into your favorite room after an extreme home makeover. We've streamlined the UI, making it cleaner, sleeker, and more efficient.Β 

In the Deal preview screen, you can now swiftly change the deal stage, see what stage it's in, and even find out how long it's been there. And guess what? You can also mark a deal lost or won with just a few clicks!Β 

But wait, there's more! We've ensured that your chosen Deals view (be it table or pipeline) is preserved. So, the next time you log in, you'll be greeted with your preferred view right off the bat! It's like we've read your mind – but in a totally non-creepy way.

So, what are you waiting for? You can just log in now and take the new CRM UI for a spin.Β 
6 months ago

πŸš€ Agiled Gets a Notification Facelift – Easier Communication Ahead!

Remember when we said we were revamping notifications to make your Agiled experience even better?

Well, the wait is over, and we're as excited as a puppy with two tails to introduce our revamped and supercharged notifications system! πŸš€

We have improved all notifications, sprinkled in a bunch of new ones, and to sweeten the deal, we've made all your email and push notifications more relevant and easier to navigate.

Now, every notification contains links pointing to the added or updated information – no more logging in and playing detective to find out what's new! πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™‚οΈ

But that's not all! We're also giving you the power to customize your own email templates for all existing and new notifications. Just head over to Settings > Email Templates, and unleash your inner wordsmith! ✨

We are confident these upgrades will make your communication in Agiled smoother than a dolphin's backflip. Remember, every notification is a step towards greater productivity, and we're here to make that journey easier for you.
New feature
6 months ago

πŸ₯³ Say Yes to More Teams - New Feature Alert! 🎊

We have some exciting news to make your team-building experience in Agiled as smooth as butter on a hot muffin. Or should we say, 'teams-building' experience! πŸ˜‰

You can now add your teammates to multiple teams! πŸŽ‰

Yes, you heard it right! Our old 'one teammate, one team' policy has been given a super upgrade. πŸš€

How does it work, you ask? Just head over to the 'Edit Teammate' section and select multiple teams from the dropdown menu. It's as simple as making instant noodles – minus the boiling water part. 🍜

We hope this new feature makes your Agiled experience even more flexible and fruitful. Remember, the more teams, the more fun, and of course, the more productivity! πŸ†

We're always here to listen and improve, so feel free to shoot us an email if you have any questions or suggestions.

Here's to more efficient team-building and project slaying. Keep being awesome!