Agiled Change Log

a year ago

Deals Improved

Here is a lowdown on our recent upgrade to the deals feature.

✅ First, we've changed the default view to the Pipeline View, which is much more visual and user-friendly. This means you can see where your deals are in the sales process at a glance.

✅ You can now drag and drop deals between different stages, a real game-changer. This makes it much easier to manage your sales pipeline and saves you time.

✅ With the new dropdown feature, you can change the pipeline you view in just one click. This makes it easier to navigate your sales pipeline and stay organized.

✅ Customize your pipelines and lists with a range of colors. This is great for personalization and makes it easier to differentiate between them and find what you need at a glance.

✅ You can now add pipelines and stages on the go using quick creates when creating or editing a deal. This is a huge time-saver and makes it easier to organize your sales pipeline in real time.

✅ Last but not least, we've introduced a dedicated view for deals, where you can add notes, meetings, files, and other important information related to the deal. This is a fantastic way to stay organized, keep track of all your deal-related information in one place, and ensure you never miss a beat.

19 February 2023

Subscriptions Made Available in Teammate's Portal 🥳

We've made subscriptions available in your teammates/employees portal! 🎉 That means your teammates can now create and manage subscriptions for you. This will save you loads of time and make managing subscriptions a breeze!

But we know that some of you may not want to give your teammates access to this feature. No worries! You can easily turn off the module for employees/teammates in the settings > portal settings > teammate portal. You can manage permissions for the module in settings > roles and permissions.

a year ago

Better Invoices Management 🥳

Super excited to announce that we have rolled out some significant improvements to the invoices section! 🎉

Your recurring invoices are now shown in a separate tab, so you no longer have to search through a long list of invoices to find the recurring invoice you're looking for. You can go to the Recurring Invoices tab, find your invoice and make desired updates to it.

We understand how important it is to have a clear and organized invoicing system, and this new feature will make your life a whole lot easier! 💼

In addition, the invoices table now shows you if the invoice is related to a subscription or a recurring invoice in the "Related To" column. This will give you a clear understanding of what each invoice is for, making it easier for you to manage your finances. 

We are constantly working to improve the Agiled's experience for you, and these improvements are just the beginning. Our goal is to help you reach your goals faster and more efficiently.

New feature
01 February 2023

Introducing Recurring Expenses 🚀

We've been working hard to bring you the latest and greatest in expense management i.e. Recurring Expenses. 🙌

With this feature, you can now create and manage your recurring expenses with ease.

All you have to do is turn on the switch "Make it Recurring" when creating or editing an expense, set the schedule, and Agiled will automatically create expenses for you. 

Imagine not having to enter the same expenses every week or month manually. With Recurring Expense, you'll save time, and effort, and reduce the chances of forgetting to record an expense. Plus, the feature is super easy to use.

We know you're busy, and we want to help you simplify and automate your business management as much as possible. This update is just another step towards that. 

New feature
30 January 2023

Introducing Mileage Tracking 🚀

🎉 We are thrilled to announce the addition of a game-changing feature to our expense management section - Mileage Tracking!

With Mileage Tracking, you can now easily track the distance you travel for business purposes within Agiled 🚗.

Simply turn on the switch labeled "Include distance" when creating/editing an expense and add the necessary details, and Agiled will automatically calculate and add the mileage to your expense.

Gone are the days of manually tracking your business miles and keeping track of receipts. With Agiled's Mileage Tracking, all the information you need is in one place, accessible, and organized.

We understand the importance of accurate and detailed expenses, and this new feature is designed to make it even easier for you and your team to manage your expenses.