Agiled Change Log
New feature
Dec 10, 2021

🚨 Finally! Zoom Integration is Live 😍

Our Zoom Integration is live on Zoom Marketplace 😍

It took a lot of time, effort, and back and forth communication with Zoom's team to make it happen. 

Go ahead and integrate your Zoom account with Agiled to start using the integration. 

What does this integration do? 

1. You can sync your meetings (non-recurring)  from Zoom to Agiled (Manual)

2. You can choose to send your events to Zoom to create a meeting in Zoom (Real-Time). 

In the next update, you will also be able to add Zoom meeting links in your appointment emails. 

Exciting! isn't it? 😄


Dec 02, 2021

🚨 Making Time Tracking Even Better 🚨

Time Tracking just got even better in Agiled. 

Here are the two Huge Updates to Time Tracking 

1. Manual Time Entry

You can now add manual time entries on Time Tracker Page. This feature was in high demand, so how could we resist it ? 😉

To add manual entry, click on + icon next to Start Timer and add time in this format hh:mm:ss. 

2. Ability To Change Date 

Now you can update date along with time when editing/update any previous time entry 🥂. To update date, click on the calendar icon as shown in the screen shot and for time, click on the clock icon. 

New feature
Nov 25, 2021

🚨 Proposals Are Getting an Upgrade 🚨

 This email is to announce an upgrade to our Proposal feature. 

 Based on users feedback, we have worked hard to improve Pagination and the overall Proposals experience. 

 Proposals have been upgraded to Version 1.1 now.

 Upgraded Version comes with these improvements. 

  • Better Pagination Experience. 
  • Autosave.
  • Pricing and Packages
  • Overall experience improvements. 

You can still access the proposals created in a classic version by clicking Access Classic Version 1.0  button.

Please note that templates created in the classic version can not be used while creating proposals in the upgraded version. 

 Please give a try to the latest version and let us know what you think about these updates. 

Nov 11, 2021

Critical Update 🚨: Do Not Ignore

This email addresses a major update in Finance Section. 

Previously, the default behavior for applying taxes on invoices or estimate was Before Discount i-e taxes were calculated using subtotal without discounts. 

This has been changed now. The default behavior is now After Discount i-e taxes are calculated after applying discounts on the subtotal. 


You also have the option to change this behaviour by going to Settings -> Finance Settings and choosing between Before Or After Discount under Apply Taxes. 

Please note that totals and subtotals on your old invoices or estimates are not affected by this change but the calculated tax might differ, so please make the changes accordingly if required. 

This major update has been applied based on user feedback and as per industry standards to make sure you don't face any trouble while managing your finances with Agiled. 

Your business matters a lot to us, which is why we keep making improvements to make sure you have the best experience. 

Nov 08, 2021

🚨Let's Take Another Burden Off Your Shoulders 💪🏼

Today we are taking another burden off your shoulders, but before we start, do not miss out on our recommended deal of the week. 

As you know, we recently launched our Wise Integration to help you pay your teammates directly from Agiled. 

This integration helps you send payouts directly to your teammates' bank accounts after running payroll. 

In the video above, I give a complete demo of paying salaries through our Wise Integration. 

We look forward to your feedback. 

Nov 06, 2021

Another Milestone Achieved. Thanks to You 😍🥳

 Agiled has been shortlisted in the following reports by Capterra and Software Advice. 


  • Front Runner in Contract Management (Software Advice).
  • Front Runner in Expense Report  (Software Advice).
  • Capterra Shortlist for Expense Management.
  • Capterra Shortlist for Contract Management. 

You can also see these badges when you visit our page on Capterra 😄 .

 This another milestone has been achieved only through your help and we are just getting started 💪🏼.

 Thank you so much for your support and love ❤️.

New feature
Nov 06, 2021

Time Tracking Gets a Huge Upgrade 🎉🍾

We are back with another update 😁. 

Time tracking gets a huuuge upgrade 🥳.

We have added a brand new POWERFUL reporting experience for time tracking today.

This new interactive reporting experience lets you create detailed reports and summaries in a few clicks. 

You can now see the summary, detailed view, and a weekly overview of the time tracked at one place. 

This doesn't stop here 🤯 You can also filter the results by user, tag, project, task, and time.

Wait! We have a surprise update as well 🎁

  Introducing Tags in Time Tracking 

You can now tag all of your time logs for better organization. Exciting ? 🤩

Nov 06, 2021

Announcing Pages: Create Wikis and Custom Pages

I am super pumped to announce a HUGE new feature in Agiled 🥳.

I am very happy to announce our newest update i-e Wikis and Custom Pages

You can now create custom pages for client portals, wikis, public knowledge bases, project documentations, client onboarding documents, team onboarding documents, and much more with our Pages update. 

Agiled's Wikis can be used for tons of use cases, so the sky is the limit 🚀.

I have given a quick overview of this feature in the video above. 

Please note that Pages are in beta right now and there are tons of updates coming your way 😎.

As always, we are looking forward to your precious feedback 😍.

New feature
Nov 06, 2021

Important Update 🚨: CRM is Available For Teammates Now ⚡

We are happy to announce that the CRM is now available on the teammate portal as well. 

Your team can now manage Accounts, Contacts, and Deals assigned to them from their portal. 

Ever since our new CRM went live, we were receiving a lot of requests to make it available on the teammate side too. We had to wait a while for this, and today we have made it available for your team. 

You can assign contacts, accounts, or deals to your team by adding them as Sales Agents. 

You can manage the permissions by going to Settings -> Roles & Permissions. 

We hope you like this update, and we look forward to your feedback. 

Nov 06, 2021

Agiled is Now 2X Faster ⚡

We have been hard at work 🛠. 

Agiled is now twice as fast so you can grow your business faster than ever. 

 As part of our speed optimizations, we have been busy in applying optimizations and upgrading our servers. 

 We already optimized our speed few weeks back and we have improved it even further now. Altogether, Agiled is 2X faster now. 

 But this doesn't end here...

 We are working on more optimizations to make it even better. 

 We thank you for your continued support and feedback.