New feature
Jun 01, 2021

Sell Products with Subscriptions 

As you know we have already made our subscriptions feature live, so wanted to give a quick overview of the feature to get you started.

Now with this new subscription feature, you can sell products and services more easily and bill your clients on autopilot.

For each product and service, you can now create multiple plans with complete control over payments and schedules. Then you can use these plans to create the subscriptions and send them over to the clients. Auto billing start once your clients subscribe/pays the subscription.

No more manual invoicing. Just define a plan and schedule for a product/service, add it to a subscription, get your clients to pay the subscription and tada... its done. 😱

In the video above, I gave a quick demo of how Agiled subscriptions work. Will be looking out for your feedback 🥳

New feature
May 07, 2021

Our Biggest Update So Far 🤯💣

Tonight we are excited like crazy to announce one of our biggest updates ever 🤩

                      Brand New CRM With Sales Pipelines

Our new CRM is jam-packed with the following features

  • Accounts Management
  • Contacts Management
  • Multiple Contacts under an Account
  • Multiple Addresses for Contacts
  • Unlimited custom fields.
  • Private Notes for Contacts and Accounts
  • Meeting Scheduling for Accounts and Contacts
  • Tasks for Accounts and Contacts
  • Email Logging for Accounts and Contacts
  • File Management for Accounts and Leads.
  • Email Client Integration (Gsuite, Office 365)
  • Deals and Sales Pipeline
  • Lead, Client, and Prospect role for Contacts

With this update, we have completely revamped our old CRM as we promised. This new CRM is now flexible for any kind of business.

We have already added lots of features to the new CRM, and we have many more planned down the road.

We have made migration to the new CRM really easy. You can transfer your clients and leads with our One Click Migration.

I gave a quick overview of our new CRM, please check out the video to learn more. Our team will be sharing guides, and tutorials to help you get acquainted with the CRM.

New feature
Apr 24, 2021

Introducing Outlook Integration 😍

We are back with another exciting update 😎

Our Outlook Calendar Integration is live as of today. Now you can sync your events from Outlook Calendar to Agiled anytime and also can send events automatically to Outlook Calendar every time an event is created in Agiled.

You can watch how this integration works in the above video.

Stay tuned as we have lots of other updates lined up for you 😉.

New feature
Apr 07, 2021

Major Update Alert 🚨 : Introducing Appointment Toolkit

I am super excited to announce that Appointment Toolkit is live in Agiled as of now. This is one of the most requested features and it brings Agiled another step closer to being an Integrated Business Management Platform.

With our new Appointment Toolkit, you can manage all of your appointments at one place. You can create multiple appointment types, set availability and even publicly share your calendar link.

Your leads and clients can use your public calendar link to book appointments with you. You can even share or embed this public link in your website, email or anywhere else.

As an admin, you can create appointments for your clients yourself as well as your clients will have an option to book appointments with you in their portal.

To see how it works, please watch the video above where I give a quick overview of this exciting update.

I am looking forward to your feedback. To keep you more excited, we are releasing integrations with Zoom and Outlook Calendar soon.

New feature
Mar 28, 2021

New Integration 🚨 : Introducing Calendly Integration 📅

Our Calendly Integration is live as of today. Now you can sync your scheduled meetings from Calendly to Agiled in real-time. You can also perform a manual sync at any given time.

Manual sync is available on free Calendly accounts whereas you will need a premium Calendly account if you want to sync meetings to Agiled in real-time.

You can watch how this integration works in the above video.

This is another update as we promised and stay tuned for lots of other updates coming soon your way.

New feature
Mar 21, 2021

New Integration Alert 💥: Sync Your Events With Google Calendar 📅

Here comes the first update from the list of upcoming features we shared with you.

Our Google Calendar Integration is live as of today. Now you can sync your events from Google Calendar to Agiled anytime and also can send events automatically to Google Calendar every time an event is created in Agiled.

You can watch how this integration works in the above video.

Stay tuned for lots of other updates coming soon your way.

New feature
Jan 28, 2021

New Feature Alert 🚨: Introducing Email Preview 📧 & Bulk Delete 🚮

We are really happy to announce two new features for our users. Email Preview & Bulk Delete.

Email Preview :

You can now preview your emails before you send invoices, contracts, proposals, and estimates to your customers. You can even add multiple recipients to your email. This will help you in customizing and have more control over the emails you send to your customers.

Bulk Delete:

The bulk delete option is now available for most of the sections in Agiled, in case you need to delete multiple records at once. This makes working in Agiled easier than ever.

We hope you like these updates and we look forward to hearing back from you.

New feature
Jan 26, 2021

Feature Alert ⚡: Introducing Merge Tags in Proposals & Contracts 📝

We have another exciting and most demanded update for you.

Introducing Merge Tags / Dynamic Fields for Proposals & Contracts 😍

You can now use merge tags in proposals, proposal templates, contracts, and contract templates.

Merge tags will be replaced by real values when contracts or proposals are viewed online or downloaded.

This will help you in speeding up your proposal or contract sending process as you can now create contract or proposal templates in advance and not have to worry about replacing client details manually.

We hope you like this update. This feature was requested by many of our users and we are really excited to hear back from you.

New feature
Jan 20, 2021

Introducing Forms: Build Public Forms Easily With Drag and Drop Form Builder

We are excited to bring another HUGE update for the Agiled Family 🤯. This was one of our community's most requested features, and we are happy to announce that we are finally rolling out Forms in Beta to everyone.

Now you can use public forms to create lead capture forms, public client signup forms, and ticket request forms.

You can also use forms to request files, conduct a survey, or collect any type of information.

Our forms also support custom fields, so you have complete control over what information you want to capture.

With easy to use drag and drop builder, you can create any type of form in minutes. Take control of entire styling through custom CSS.

Using form embed links, you can embed your public forms anywhere like WordPress, Wix, Square Space, or any other website.

Each form also has a white-labeled public link so you can use them directly to capture information as well.

See the video above for a detailed walkthrough of the forms.

P.S: In case, you missed our previous updates,

1. We have announced huge bonuses for our users. Check the details here.

2. We made our reseller program live. Now you can stack unlimited codes and sell white-labeled accounts to your clients.

3. Our new exciting proposal builder is live now with 400+ read-made blocks and 4 new proposal templates.

See you soon with another update. 😉

New feature
Jan 13, 2021

New Feature Alert 🚨: Discussion with Clients on Projects and 3D Secure Payments 🔐

We have some exciting updates for you😍.

Discussion with Clients On Projects:

Earlier this week, we rolled out the ability to have discussions with clients over the projects in Agiled.

Now your clients can participate in project discussions and can start new discussions too. This makes collaboration on projects even more exciting and easy.

You also have the ability to turn off discussions for clients if you want.

3D Secure Payments Through Stripe:

From now on all of your payments in Agiled through Stripe are 3D Secure. This is being automatically handled and you do not need to do anything about it.