Agiled Change Log
New feature
nov. 06, 2021

Invite Multiple Clients To a Project 😍⚡

I am back with yet another exciting and important update. 

I will make it quick. 

As of today, you can add multiple Clients from the same Account to a project. 

This new feature will be really helpful when you are working with multiple clients from the same company. 

To add multiple clients to a project, go to the members' tab of the project and select the clients you want to add to the project under Add Contacts section. 

Please note that this option will only be available for the projects where primary client belongs to an Account.

Let me know what you think about this update 😉

New feature
nov. 06, 2021

Get More Productive With These Task Management Updates 📑

 I am super pumped🤩 to share some exciting updates in Task Management in Agiled. 

 You can now add Labels, add Sub Tasks, add Comments, Change Assignee, upload files in tasks and send reminders for tasks. 

 You can create as many labels as you want and add them to your tasks. Similarly, you can add as many sub-tasks as you want and mark them complete with a simple click. 

 You can watch the above video for further details on these improvements. 

 These improvements will make you more productive and help you organise your tasks. 

 I hope you like these updates, and we look forward to your feedback on these updates. 

New feature
nov. 06, 2021

Introducing CRM & Finance Dashboards

 Today Multiple Dashboards Update goes live for everyone🎉. 

 Before we dive in, check out this amazing tool

CRM Dashboard:

CRM Dashboard gives you a bird's eye view of your contacts and deals. 

It comes with valuable and actionable insights about your deals. 

You can find our all new CRM dashboard by going to CRM -> Dashboard

Finance Dashboard:

Finance Dashboard gives you a quick overview of Financial Standing of your business. 

Here you can see your Account Receivables, Revenue, Income vs Expense comparisons, and much more.

You can find your Finance Dashboard by going to Finance -> Dashboard.

If you can't find dashboards in your account, let us know so we can update your account.

I hope you like this update. We will be adding dashboards for other sections as well. 

New feature
nov. 06, 2021

Importing Your Data in Agiled Just Got A Whole Lot Easier ⚡

 Today is a big day in history as your Agiled account got a big upgrade today😁.

 We have totally revamped the way you import data in Agiled.

 Here is the list of the updates:


  • Easy field mapping with the new UI.
  • Ability to import Accounts while importing Contacts (No more double work)
  • You don't need to pass Account Id's anymore. Just add Account name and you are done. 
  • Import and Map address fields. 
  • Improved expense import.
  • Improved payments import. 

 We knew it wasn't very easy to import and map data before. So, based on your feedback, we have completely revamped our import features. 

 We are not done, yet 😉

 We will keep improving it further to make it even easier based on your feedback ❤. 

nov. 06, 2021

Say Hello to CRM Filters 🔍

Say hello to our brand-new update to the CRM that is filters and tags. You can now tag your Contacts and Accounts to categorize them and then quickly search for them using filters.

Default CRM view has also been updated. It now shows tags as well as upcoming follow-ups (in case of leads)

You can use the newly added filters to search your Contacts and Accounts by dates, tags and roles etc. 

 This will make Agiled's CRM even more easy to use and useful for you 🥳.

User Experience is one of our utmost priority and we will keep improving it day by day whether it's a small or big change.

oct. 28, 2021

Tax Term Update

 Now you can change the Tax Term on Invoices and Estimates. Previously it was just VAT, but most of you wanted to use a different term like GST etc. 

 This update gives you the ability to change the Tax Term to anything you want. 

 To change the Tax Term, please go to Settings -> Finance Settings and scroll down to Tax Term. 

 Let us know what you think about this update 💪🏼.

New feature
sep. 08, 2021

Introducing Project Kanban Boards🚀

Were you missing Kanban Boards per Project? 

If yes, here is the good news. We are making Project Kanban Boards live for everyone today. All projects you create from now on will have their dedicated Kanban Boards. 

Now you can manage and create multiple lists for each project and move tasks in between them. This will make project and work management much easier for you. 

I hope you like this update 😀. 

ago. 17, 2021

Another Milestone Achieved. Thanks to You 😍🥳


Agiled has been shortlisted in the following reports by Capterra and Software Advice. 


  • Front Runner in Contract Management (Software Advice).
  • Front Runner in Expense Report  (Software Advice).
  • Capterra Shortlist for Expense Management.
  • Capterra Shortlist for Contract Management. 


You can also see these badges when you visit our page on Capterra 😄 .


This another milestone has been achieved only through your help, and we are just getting started 💪🏼.


Thank you so much for your support and love ❤️.

New feature
ago. 10, 2021

A New Era of Time Tracking ⏱ 

Today we are announcing a New Era of Time Tracking in Agiled🎊. We have totally revamped our time tracking experience to make tracking time a breeze. 

This update includes: 

  •  A dedicated Time Tracking page with all your previous time logs grouped by days with many useful options. 
  • A new Timesheet page with different filters and options to manage time tracked by your team. 
  • A Time Tracking report with many other reports coming soon. 
  • Time Tracking Chrome extension announced previously. 

In the above video, I gave a quick walkthrough of our new Time Tracking experience.

 Please note that the same Time Tracking experience is available for your teammates on the member side as well. 

New feature
jul. 15, 2021

Using QuickBooks Integration like a Pro

As you know we released our QuickBooks Integration a while ago. It supports two way sync to keep your financial information between Agiled and QuickBooks in Sync ✨

Using this Integration, you can send the following data to QuickBooks from Agiled automatically in Real Time:

  • Invoices
  • Payments
  • Estimates

This sync is automatic and every time an Invoice, Estimate or Payment is created in Agiled, it is synced automatically to QuickBooks (Invoices and Estimates are not synced unless they are sent to clients.).

You can also sync the following data from QuickBooks:

  • Clients
  • Invoices
  • Payments
  • Expenses
  • Estimates

This import of data from QuickBooks is manual and you will have to manually sync your data by visiting QuickBooks Integration page. Records that are already available in Agiled are ignored to avoid duplication.

For more details, please watch the video above where I gave a complete demo on How to Use Agiled's QuickBooks Integration like a Pro 💪